Game of Thrones 3D Mask Book – Direwolf

I was offered by Carlton Books one of the Game of Thrones 3D Mask and and Wall Mount Books. I chose Direwolf from the House of Stark (of course). I hadn’t done any handcraft thing for a while and had to buy a couple of glue tubes. (I do recommend getting a good strong glue […]

Pullman, Philip

His Dark Materials – Philip Pullman

  I read Northern Lights and The Subtle Knife with a couple of books gap in 2014, and I was thinking to just write about them altogether once I finished the series. But lo and behold, I only managed to read The Amber Spyglass recently, in the beginning of 2016! Why did it take me […]

Burns, Charles

Black Hole by Charles Burns

I love graphic novels, but I’m always dreading the time I have to write about them. How does one put into words something that works visually? For me at least, it’s a challenge. Black Hole was drawn in strong style of black and white. It is set in an alternate world, similar to our world (or […]

Bioy Casares, Adolfo

The Invention of Morel – Adolfo Bioy Casares

This is one of those rare occasions in which I manage to read something for a bookish blogging community event AND write about it. Said event is Spanish Lit Month 2015, organized by Richard and Stu. The timing is just perfect, as I’d been meaning to read this book. Also long story short, I have […]

Birmant, Julie Hoffmann, E. T. A. Oubrerie, Clément Sendak, Maurice

Pablo (Art Masters Series) / Nutcracker – E.T.A. Hoffmann

Pablo by Julie Birmant and Clément Oubrerie Pablo is the latest in the Art Masters Series published by Self Made Hero (a British graphic novel publisher). The earlier two were Vincent and Rembrandt, the former telling the life of Vincent Van Gogh I have written about here before. The review copy has come at the […]

Burroughs, Edgar Rice McCloud, Scott

Understanding Comics – McCloud / A Princess of Mars – Burroughs

Nearing the end of October, I got a sudden panicky feeling that the year almost ends. Two months! Plans made at the beginning of the year all went out the window, and think of all the books you don’t get around to read this year – some you have planned to since years ago! And […]

Borges, Jorge Luis Cervantes, Miguel de Davis, Rob Faulkner, William Flaubert, Gustave Hawthorne, Nathaniel Hemingway, Ernest Kafka, Franz Lewis, C. S. Moore, Alan Niffenegger, Audrey O'Connor, Flannery Poe, Edgar Allan Shelley, Mary Updike, John Wells, H. G. Woolf, Virginia

Mee’s Summer Reading 2013

Since I am way way way behind in blogging about books read and all bookish things that happened in the past 3 month, I’m just going to write about them in one giant post. And I just realized those 3 months were summer (coincidence?), so I can call them summer reading! Books Read Frankenstein — […]

Rowling, J.K.

Thus Born the Boy Wizard: Tracing J.K. Rowling Steps in Edinburgh

When you go to Edinburgh, you might pass by this seemingly ordinary little cafe called the elephant house and not even bat an eye. But upon further inspection, you’d see that there’s a rather obnoxious sign on its front glass: Yes, when J.K. Rowling was writing her first and second Harry Potter books, she was […]

Tan, Shaun

The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

A few months ago after knowing about The Lost Thing made into a short film and meeting Shaun Tan himself, I determined to read all his books. The Lost Thing and The Red Tree came to the top of my list. Ordered both from Book Depo and read both soon after (I’ll save The Red […]

Pratchett, Terry

Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett

Equal Rites is the third Discworld novel and my first Terry Pratchett. Normally I would never ever read a book out of series order, but after hearing over and over from people that The Colour of Magic, the first Discworld novel, is not the ideal place to start since it’s not by all means the […]