2017 Wrap Up

2017 was not a bad year for reading, but I started my English Lit degree in October, and since then I completely lost control of my reading time, and only caught up in the last 10 days of December, because I stayed home and didn’t go traveling like in the past years.

Apart from my degree, I restarted my Japanese study again. I passed JLPT N4 some years ago, but completely stopped soon after. Only in recent months I had a renewed energy to kickstart the study again and plan to build myself up to my prior level, and beyond. My focus has changed slightly (no writing), and there are new websites popping up that didn’t exist last time, so it’s been a joy. The only thing is that now I have two studies going on, and at times I wonder why I do this to myself..

So saying that, I’m starting 2018 with a very modest goal. I set up my Goodreads challenge to 10 books. No specific goal. Just kind of working in the direction of my perpetual goals (on the top bar).

For a bit of 2017 overview, I read 24 books.

14 authors were new to me, and of those, 9 were male and 5 female. Gender balance for my reading is again not quite there. It’s hard.

15 books are translated, 9 books are originally written in English. And 8 of the translation works are translated from Japanese. I’m hoping to actually read Japanese books in their original language in 2018. Granted they’d be either very simple books or manga, but hopefully substantial enough for me to count them. (I don’t generally count book that I read in less than an hour.)

My reading has been generally leaning heavily towards exploring new authors. But I think I will let myself going to favourite authors in 2018.

So not much fuss from me! How about you? 🙂

By mee

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