Wilde, Oscar

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian Gray is Oscar Wilde’s only novel. First published in 1890 in Lippincott Magazine, it was widely criticized by London society for its homo eroticism, so Wilde revised it and published its modified version in 1891. It helped little for what’s coming however, as 5 years after the first publication of Dorian […]

Ross, Edward

Filmish: A Graphic Journey Through Film – Edward Ross

When I saw Filmish in recent SelfMadeHero catalogue, I knew it would be the right graphic novel for me. Regular readers may know that I work in the film industry, specifically post-production house. Though what we do is often more technical than creative, everyone I know in our company loves movies. Many aspire to and […]

Jansson, Tove

The Summer Book – Tove Jansson

I knew about Tove Jansson only in the recent years, after I moved to Europe, from her beloved series Moomin. I didn’t grow up with Moomin, but fell in love immediately with the white hippo looking characters. Today I have a Moomin soft toy, Moomin shirt, and Moomin postcards stuck on my bookshelf 🙂 – all without having read […]

Duras, Marguerite

The Lover – Marguerite Duras

The Lover (French:L’Amant) – Marguerite Duras, 123pp, translated from French by Barbara Bray, first published in 1984   The Lover is a novella by French writer Marguerita Duras. Both the book and the author piqued my interest because of their setting and background. Duras (a pen name of Marguerite Donnadieu) was born in 1914 near Saigon, […]