Hanasaki, Akira Kariya, Tetsu

Oishinbo: Japanese Cuisine by Tetsu Kariya and Akira Hanasaki

Oishinbo (美味しんぼ, lit. “The Gourmet”) is a long-running cooking manga published between 1983 and 2008, but only in 2009 it is published in English in thematic compilation volumes (7 volumes so far), which means they contain “best of the best” and do not follow the original manga chronological order. There are a few minor storylines […]


Happy Christmas Y’all!

Annual Santa Fun Run – Sydney No snow for Sydneysiders ever, but the day started rather cool today in our glorious Christmas summer (that is, 20C-ish) and the sun is shining. Much better than the horrible 30C+ last year. Plan to bake a white chocolate cake today with Mr Mee and watch a Christmas movie […]

Yunus, Muhammad

Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus

As a person who wishes to contribute something to the world in her small ways, I’m always on the lookout for a good cause to support. I heard of Muhammad Yunus many years ago from a friend who shared about a website called Kiva, in which upon a quick browse I first heard about micro-lending. […]

Tan, Shaun

The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

A few months ago after knowing about The Lost Thing made into a short film and meeting Shaun Tan himself, I determined to read all his books. The Lost Thing and The Red Tree came to the top of my list. Ordered both from Book Depo and read both soon after (I’ll save The Red […]

Ishiguro, Kazuo

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

As I entered the novel, a sense of familiarity quickly came to me: the distinctively British language, eloquence and subtlety. I knew I was in good hands, of someone who really knows what he’s doing. My first Ishiguro was When We Were Orphans (ridiculous plot, but again, delicious British style), my second being Never Let […]